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‘Go now’, a friend of Lesya, one of Ankara escort girls told her.

‘Go where?’ Lesya didn’t really get the call to action of her friend Anya, another Ankara escort WhatsApp, her comrade. They were living together in one rented apartment.

‘What? I told you in the past Thursday! Did you forget about it? Again?’

Anna was really mad at Lesya, so the latter immediately tried to figure out, where they had to go to stop her friend feel bad. It turned out, they agreed about arrival on a costumed party on the outskirts of the city. Lesya completely forgot about it ‘cause she was drunk then. Okay, they still had time – as Lesya did not buy or rent a costume, she googled and went to the nearest costume shop, where in 20 minutes she picked up a costume of a witch.

In fact, it was a very sexy witch. The costume was very fit to her body, elastic tale hanged down and up from the coccyx, like a cat’s one only without fur. It ended with a red triangle, just like the Devil has on many pictures of Him. The suit was done from elastic black cloth like spandex or something. It was a breathing material but she felt a little hot.

The head covered a witch’s pointed hat and everything was ready for a party. In fact, she had to return home to meet her friend from Ankara escort WhatsApp and only then – they’d go on a taxicab to the place.

Once at home, she spotted as her underwear spoils the picture of nice costume, protruding out in sides and on the ass. So she has decided to take it off. Thus, nothing prevented her elastic buttocks, slim waist and 3rd-sized breasts to show them in fullest from under this gorgeous suit.

Once arriving at a party, they already heard the roar of people dancing under the music on the top floor of this building done in the ‘free-space’ planning – the one perfectly suitable for offices of some young companies as the rent payment was frankly low. Or for the residence if you adore floors without inner walls with 500 square meters of the area.

The same, they were extremely popular for arranging parties like this one. They got up on the elevator and saw a motley collection of people of different ages and skin colors hanging out under the rave music. The DJ worked on the music controller by the far side of the premise, the bar was in the middle from the right, close to large faceted windows. People were smoking and chilling – they both loved occasions as such, as they could hook up many clients during one evening.

Ankara escort WhatsApp girls did not look around much and went into ‘attack’: in a minute, they were dancing with a glass of wine nearby the seemingly alone guys. In five, Ann was already dragging her cavalier into a bathroom earning her first 200 bucks for a night. It was a little bit harder for Lesya but she also managed to pick one mustached fellow and earned 100 bucks for a blowjob.

In three hours, they had around 2,000 bucks earned for two and more new clients wanted to receive their services. Ann did even have to fight a little with some girl after getting out of the toilet cabin with a guy as it turned out this guy came here with this girl and left her for 20 minutes to have sex with Annie. Shit happens, and this pair was yelling at each other for a long time after the incident, and they yelled too, leaving the premise.

For Annie, it was a little bit awkward to lower down her clothes as she had a bra and panties on. For Lesya, it was much easier as she did not forget to leave her clothes at home. Once in a toilet, she unzipped her costume’s front zipper and lowered it, exposing her breasts, neatly shaved pubis, and arousing imagination buttocks. Bending to the toilet (thank god, they were relatively clean in this place), she exposed her pussy from the back to the next client and he fucked her until the finish. She took money upfront after she had a case in the career of Ankara escort WhatsApp girl – one guy left her rapidly without payment and she didn’t see him ever again to collect money.

By the end of this evening, when the morning took its full power, they were returning home, a little boozed, smoking cigarettes, having 4 thousand bucks in their purses at two. The night was very gainful.

Ankara eskortlar offers you to spend a night with exceptionally beautiful seductress. She is an active model of catwalks and fashion events so she deliberately stays up-to-date in her excellent shape and face every day, continuously. Taking a change of being with her is one of the greatest lucks for a man.

Ankara eskortlar offers you to spend a night with exceptionally beautiful seductress. She is an active model of catwalks and fashion events so she deliberately stays up-to-date in her excellent shape and face every day, continuously. Taking a change of being with her is one of the greatest lucks for a man.


Ankara escorts girl is pretending to be a housekeeper to have horny hours with a client

This call was one of many to Ankara escorts Oxana, a goddess in the outward appearance and that is why loved by men with a fiery passion. For that reason, she was booked in weeks from now and was very popular.

This time she was asked to wear sexy transparent lingerie to pretend to be a housekeeper to some wealthy man who was living in a huge mansion with 15 bedrooms on the outside of the city.

She, a Russian escort in Ankara, drove there in 40 minutes, wearing what he has asked. The big gates opened in front of her taxicab and a car drove her inside, as it was about 0.5 miles from gates to the front entrance of the house. A huge bell rang when she pushed a button and, in a minute, a handsome guy of 30+ years opened the doors before her.

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My name’s David and I have a girlfriend named Mara. We are both 26, we’ve been dating for a year and a half now.

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It was Christmas time. I’ve been thinking what to give as a Xmas present to my girl and whether it could be a present for both. I asked her several times but she wasn’t answering me anything particular so I finally had to give up and bought her a plain ring with diamonds.


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