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Ankara escort women presents you the capabilities of our girls

What’s bizarre about the naming process in the Ankara escort is that a girl whom you meet, will most likely to have the name that will differ from her real one. It has several reasons for that, but one of them is the desire to possess a name that would be more beautiful than the one she has in the real life. For instance, let’s take name Natalie. It originates from the Latin word ‘natalis’ meaning ‘own’, ‘dear’, ‘darling.’ It is also largely connected with girls who originate from the countries of the past-USSR block. It is not a secret that all women coming abroad to the US, or any other English-speaking country, were mostly named Natasha by people around. And it is not only because of the popularity of a movie ‘Boris & Natasha’ of 1992 (that itself was a spin-off from ‘Rocky & Bullwinkle Show’) when all USSR men were named Borises and all women – Natashas in the minds of native English-speakers. The same as, for instance, John is a common name from the US and Jack – from the UK.

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Hey, everyone! I’m Kiriusha and this is my story. Well, rather not a story – as what I’m about to say has no single narrative line. It is about how much I love to be greased. Imagine that you have a tanned girl in your hands that loves to cover all her body with all sorts of substances that make her greased: body oils, cooking oils, peanut butter, vaseline, creams for face and body… If you wanna play with me not only in your bedroom or a kitchen, I definitely feel good to make it in the bathroom or wherever – and you can use shampoos, hair masks, shaving creams, liquid soap and alike to grease me up, your humble Ankara eskort Kizlar chick.


Девушка-эскорт Анкары Кириуша – любитель того, что она делает. Если вы хотите, чтобы кто-то действительно погрузился в свою работу, он получает максимум от того, что делает, и никогда не оставляет клиентов неудовлетворенными, Kiriusha – правильный выбор для вашей поздней даты.

Когда вы вместе с вами, она будет использовать свое тело в полной мере, соблазняя вас идеальным солнцем, сиськами третьего размера и сдержанной красотой с вялым видом, выходящим из ее глаз. Но если вы не заботитесь обо всех этих ментальных качествах и только хотите, чтобы какой-то мясистый кусок мяса ебал – ее задница была бы лучшим решением вашей проблемы – она ​​круглая, относительно маленькая и плотная – просто для отличной трахающей работы